Cheap Bass Guitars

Cheap Bass Guitars - Guy Playing Bass Guitar

If you’re looking for a new cheap bass guitars but want to save money, you might be surprised at the great value of cheap models. There are a wide variety of cheap bass guitars on the market, each with unique designs, electronics, and woods. However, they all deliver excellent core performance, making them perfect for jamming sessions and small gigs. Hopefully, these cheap bass guitars will inspire you to play your best!

Cheap Bass Guitars – Ibanez GIO

The Ibanez GIO series is an excellent choice for those with a limited budget but still want to play a quality instrument. These guitars offer excellent playability, looks, and sound, all for a relatively low price. They undergo the same stringent quality inspection process as more expensive models and have the same warranty coverage. As a result, you can rest assured that you will get the best value for your money.

The Ibanez GIO series is an excellent option if you’re looking for a cheap bass guitar that still plays well. It features a lightweight body, a smooth, fast neck, and high-quality electronics. It also features a pickup system that lets you choose from five or six strings.

You can also choose from an array of finishes. These affordable instruments are suitable for beginners and intermediate players alike. The Mono-Rail bridge is an awe-inspiring feature, as it increases resonance and tuning stability. You can also adjust the spacing between the strings. The bass guitars also come with gig bags, keeping them safe.

Yamaha TRBX174EW

The Yamaha TRBX174EW cheap bass features an exotic mango top, matching headstock, and advanced design and engineering. The TRBX174EW’s construction, playability, and comfort are unsurpassed. This instrument is built to be the center of your music.

The TRBX174EW features a single-coil pickup in the middle position and a split Precision-style pickup in the bridge. Each pickup features its own volume and tone control knobs. The guitar also has a vintage bass bridge and four covered tuning machines. The body and neck are constructed from exotic mango wood. The control knobs are black and easily replaced if they break.

Yamaha bass guitars are known for their unique designs and body shapes. The TRBX174EW’s four-string design, premium materials, and excellent performance are just a few reasons why Yamaha bass guitars are so popular amongst bassists. At an affordable price, these instruments are a perfect option for beginning and intermediate players alike.

Squier Bronco Bass

For those looking for a great gateway instrument into the world of bass playing, the Squier Bronco Bass Guitar is a great choice. This instrument features a lightweight, thin body and an easy-to-play 30-inch scale length. It also features die-cast tuning machines.

The Squier Bronco Bass features a single coil pickup to help beginners produce a clean tone. The bass also has a maple neck for a comfortable feel and comes with a chrome two-saddle bridge. It is a very well-made bass, which is excellent for younger players and beginners alike.

The Squier Bronco Bass Guitar comes in black or Torino red. It is one of the most affordable models of Squier. Although it has a low price tag, it is still quite good quality. It does require an entire setup, and some players need help to play.

The Squier Bronco Bass Guitar is a short-scale bass suitable for beginners and budget-conscious players. This model features a single coil pickup, a maple neck, and die-cast tuners. In addition, it has a solid Agathis body.

The Squier Bronco bass is relatively lightweight, at approximately six to eight pounds. The actual weight depends on the type of wood used for the construction and how it is assembled. For example, Fender makes a similar model but with a poplar body, which makes it heavier. Nevertheless, this bass is still reasonably easy to handle.

The Squier Bronco Bass Guitar is an easy-to-use instrument with a 30-inch short-scale neck. The fretboard is made of maple and has a snappy response. The Squier Bronco also offers excellent value for money. It is ideal for beginners and those with smaller hands. It also features a single-coil pickup with a volume knob.

Gretsch TMB100

For the budget-conscious bass player, the Ibanez TMB100 is an excellent choice. This inexpensive instrument features passive PJ pickups for an authentic, one-two punch. At the same time, the classic Ibanez body style adds retro style and a classic look. Other features include a Poplar body and fretboard, a traditional bridge, and a colorful pickguard. It has a classic look and sounds almost as good as a model that costs twice as much.

This affordable bass guitar features two humbucking pickups with a three-way pickup selector. This allows for more significant tonal variation and power. The instrument is well-balanced and full of low-end. It could be a better choice for beginners, but it’s a solid instrument that will give you hours of fun playing.

If you’re looking for a guitar with a retro feel and rich sound, the Gretsch TMB100 is the perfect bass for you. The guitar comes with 5 strings and a headless stock, making it easy to travel. You can also get a custom EQ with this model.

This guitar comes with a gig bag, strap, tuner, and lead. It also includes a complete set of accessories for the beginner, including a gig bag and an amp. This guitar is an excellent choice for under $500. It also has a natural finish. With these features, the Gretsch TMB100 is perfect for the budget-conscious bass player.

With a lightweight, offset body, this bass has an exceptional finish and good fret feels, but fret buzz can be an issue. The two-pickup configuration and blend knob allow for a wide range of tones. A battery compartment can be a false clue that this bass has active pickups, but this is not the case.

The Yamaha BB234 is another great model for the budget-minded bass player. It’s an excellent instrument for younger players and aspiring bass players. The slim neck and thin profile make it a comfortable device to play with.