The Best Cheap SIM Racing Wheels to Buy

SIM Racing Wheels

Are you on a budget but still want to enhance your SIM racing experience? Our site has got you covered with the top cheap SIM racing wheels to buy. Don’t compromise on quality – check out our recommendations today.


If you are serious about sim racing, you need a good wheel and pedals. Not all racing wheels and pedals are created equal and can vary in price and quality. However, you need a set from a reputable manufacturer to experience the true realism of driving a race car.

The PXN V3II is one of the best options for PC gamers looking to buy a racing wheel and pedals. It offers a range of options for sensitivity, and it is fully compatible with various games. You can even use the companion software to customize your controls and get more realistic gameplay.

A high-quality wheel with powerful haptic feedback mechanisms, the V3II also features a clutch pedal for even more immersive driving. The pedals have a black plastic design similar to the steering wheel, offering excellent feedback for gas and brake applications. The right gas pedal has light resistance throughout, while the left brake pedal gets firmer as you apply more force.

Another great feature of the PXN V3II is that it is fully cross-platform, which means it works with all major consoles. The wheel supports the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and it can be connected via USB to a PC.

It also has eight programmable buttons and comes with a pair of pedals. Its 180-degree rotation range is more than enough for most racing games, and has a stable mount for comfortable gaming.

The pedals are also well-designed, with various options for sensitivity and pressure. They are much like the ones on the Logitech G29 but with more functionality.

There are also several other features to enjoy with the V3II, including an ergonomic design that allows you to operate it with your hands on either side of your body. A C-style fixing clip and a slew of robust suction cups make it easy to attach the wheel to your desk.

The V3II is also a great value for its price and has an excellent reputation with gamers worldwide. This is mainly because PXN, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality racing accessories and smartphone gaming controllers, makes it.

Thrustmaster T80

Thrustmaster T80 Wheel

In this highly competitive sim racing landscape, you need a proper wheel and pedal set to compete at the highest levels. Using a joystick or even a cheap racing wheel can be a mistake that can get you nowhere, so it is crucial to invest in a quality wheel and pedals set for your rig.

Several racing wheels are affordable and offer advanced feedback and vibration technology. These wheels help you feel like you are driving on a real road and can be an excellent option for beginners and budget-conscious gamers.

The Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition is an 8:10 scale replica of the wheel found on one of the latest Ferrari models. It is designed for a fun and immersive racing experience. Ferrari and PlayStation 4 officially license the T80, and it is compatible with all PS4 systems and games that support Thrustmaster wheels.

It features 11 action buttons, a D-pad, two wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters (crafted of metal), and a large pedal set with adjustable inclination and a wide footrest. It also has a central clamping system with wide jaws for optimal stability.

Overall, the Thrustmaster T80 is a well-made, enjoyable racing wheel that will not break the bank. The T80 has a natural linear wheel force feedback resistance and a unique “bungee cord” system that makes the steering feel smooth and responsive, ensuring an immersive experience.

The T80 is a good choice for beginner racers looking to build their skill set and hone their craft without breaking the bank. It is a very comfortable wheel to grip and use, and its rubber texture coating provides excellent grip and a sense of control. It is also easy to operate, and the official PlayStation buttons help navigate around the console.

Logitech G29/G920

Logitech G29/G920 Wheels

The Logitech G29 and G920 have been around for a while and are arguably the most popular market budget force feedback racing wheel. They are compatible with PS4 and Xbox and are an excellent choice for beginner sim racers looking to upgrade their gaming setup.

The G29 and G920 feature 900 degrees of rotation, which significantly improves the smaller wheels that can only rotate up to 90 degrees either way. This is a huge advantage in games that are all about realism, and it is crucial for drifters and other titles that emphasize precision over speed.

It also has a hand brake and clutch, an impressive upgrade from the brakes found on the previous generation of wheels from Logitech. The brake pedal is progressive, meaning it gets harder as you apply more pressure. This is a significant change from the brake pedals on older models, and it is a fantastic feature for anyone who wants a more realistic driving experience.

Another significant improvement on this wheel is the force feedback, which has been slightly boosted over the last model. This means the wheel vibrates more – although not as loudly – than on the previous model.

While the force feedback is a big draw for sim racers, it is not something you want to overdo. We recommend tuning this wheel’s sensitivity for the best driving experience in most games and then using the shift lights to control your car on the go.

This is a straightforward way to make the steering feel more natural. The G29/G920 has 20 buttons on the wheel, with paddle shifters on the back. You can also use a knob on the bottom-right side to make some extra adjustments.

While the G29 is the most popular, the G920 has a few extra features you should consider when choosing which wheel to buy. If you want to get the most out of your racing game, it is worth looking at the G920’s 900-degree rotation and metal paddle gear shifters.

Thrustmaster T300/TX

Thrustmaster T300/TX wheel.

Regarding sim racing wheels, the Thrustmaster T300/TX are some of the best bangs for your buck options. They offer great features, including a robust force feedback belt system, accurate 11-inch sizing, and a top-notch three-pedal setup.

The Thrustmaster T300/TX is an ecosystem-ready steering wheel base compatible with Xbox One, PS4, and PC platforms. It supports multi-USB and works with all USB pedal sets and USB shifters in games supporting this feature, making it a solid choice for those looking for a good-quality gaming wheel.

What makes the TX stand out from other similar products is its HallEffect AccuRate technology, which adds a layer of precision and accuracy to your driving experience. This lets you get a feel for how your car reacts to braking, acceleration, and more.

It also provides much smoothness when it comes to how you move your hands around the wheel – thanks to the brushless motors that power this unit. As a result, the TX feels smoother than most similar racing wheels.

Another benefit of the TX is the servo base itself, arguably one of the most solid and well-built options. It offers an industrial-class brushless motor, seamless action, and a dual-belt system with built-in screw threads for attachment.

The TX’s servo base also has a unique hoop structure designed to transmit the force feedback effects and the grip of your hand onto the rim more effectively. This is a significant benefit for racing enthusiasts, as it increases the level of detail you can see and feel when interacting with your wheel.

The TX has some other features that make it a better choice than most similar products, including the ability to quickly change rims using the Thrustmaster Quick Release system and the fact that it is compatible with all USB pedal sets and USB shifters. However, it would help if you kept in mind that you must download drivers and firmware before using your TX on your computer.