I Am Expensive T-Shirts

I Am Expensive t-shirts are created by independent artists and are available in a wide range of sizes. They are available in v-neck, crew neck, short sleeve, slim fit, and moisture-wicking active t-shirts.

Each shirt has an original design by the artist and is designed to be comfortable and stylish. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles, from a classic white to a unique design.

Shirts with hand-stitched buttonholes in I Am Expensive T-Shirts Store

Shirts with hand-stitched buttons are beautiful works of art, but they are also quite expensive. These buttonholes are often stitched by hand, which is an incredibly time-consuming process. Only high-end shirts are stitched this way.

While other shirtmakers would likely be satisfied with a buttonhole that is just about invisible, 100 Hands craftsmen go above and beyond. Each buttonhole requires more than 100 stitches per inch.

This is a high rate of stitching, and each buttonhole can take up to 35 hours.

Shirts with hand-stitched buttons are often quite expensive, but they are worth it. The stitching in these garments is of the highest quality, resulting in a shirt that is very durable and beautiful.

It is also more comfortable than machine-stitched buttonholes, so you don’t have to worry about your shirt falling apart.

The pattern-matching of shirts is crucial. It’s the part of the shirt that no one notices, but it’s vital to make sure the patterns match.

If you’re choosing a patterned shirt, try to match up the collar points and the down front placket. If the shirt is two-piece, make sure the stripes match up on the back yoke. Similarly, pocket placement can be tricky.

Often, pockets are placed diagonally, and this is another instance where you’ll need to match the fabric with care.

When purchasing a shirt, always check the stitching. Check the bottom hem first. A neat stitching indicates good quality, while wavy lines are a sign that the shirt was not made by an expert sewer.

If the buttonholes are not hand-stitched, you’re better off going with a more affordable shirt.

Another factor that can make a shirt expensive is the attention to detail. Quality shirts are often made by hand, which means they have more attention to detail. Italian shirt makers such as Borelli and Kiton are famous for producing high-end shirts with hand-stitched buttonholes.

These shirts not only look better and feel better, but also have higher elasticity. Hand-stitched buttonholes take up to 6 minutes to make, while machine-stitched buttonholes can be done in a matter of seconds.

Hand-stitched buttonholes are an art form. A buttonhole is a small piece of artwork that takes years to perfect.

The first few attempts by an apprentice are generally appalling – they resemble dead spiders or cockroaches. Eventually, you develop muscle memory and you can replicate the stitches with near-perfect precision.

Shirts with hand-stitched buttons may not be cheap, but they are worth every penny. They are more expensive than the same-style buttonholes made by machine, but they are well-made and look beautiful. Hand-stitched buttonholes can even be used to embellish an item.

Shirts with hand-stitched buttons are typically made by a high-end tailor. Unlike machine-stitched buttonholes, they are hand-stitched in the lapel area.

These buttons are stitched manually after the shirt has been cut and the lining stitched. Often, a piece of thread called a “gimp” is stitched to surround the buttonhole.

Hand-stitched buttons are rare and expensive. They are not easily attached. This is a time-consuming process.

However, some people enjoy the feeling of having a shirt that was hand-stitched. This detail adds a touch of elegance and style to the shirt and makes it worth the price.

Shirts with diamond buttons

Shirts With Diamond Buttons - I am Expensive t-shirts
Shirts With Diamond Buttons

Diamond buttons on expensive shirts are a great way to show off your style. These buttons are not only attractive to look at, but also functional.

They are also hardy and will resist scratches, making them an ideal fashion accessory. They can be found on many expensive shirts and cost as much as PS25,000.