Spending Money on Useless Expensive Stuff

The billionaires of this world spend a lot of money on useless expensive stuff. Yet, they ignore the many needs on the planet. Is this the best way to spend our money? Let’s explore a few examples. Diamond-encrusted chess sets, Toilet paper, Pocket calendars, and Gold-plated stapler pins.

Gold-plated stapler pins

If you are a fan of gold, you might want to invest in a gold-plated stapler. These things aren’t really meant to be stapled, but they look nice on a desk. You can even buy gold-plated stapler pins that come in a velvet case. However, these aren’t as useful as they sound.

Diamond-encrusted chess set

Useless Expensive Stuff - Diamond-Encrusted Chess Set
Diamond-Encrusted Chess Set

A diamond-encrusted chess set is an extravagant piece of chess equipment. It will surely make your friends envious and it will definitely be a talking point at parties.

But, the question is: is it really worth the expense? Well, there are many options for you to choose from, and you can choose a diamond-encrusted chess set that is made of solid gold.

A diamond-encrusted chess set is one of the most expensive items you can buy. This particular chess set contains 320 carats of diamonds and costs more than $600,000 (US dollars).

There are only seven of these sets in the world and each of them costs $600,000. You can also opt for a gold-plated stapler, which costs around $210 for 24 staples.

If you want to buy the most expensive chess set in the world, you can look at Colin Burn’s masterpiece. His set is worth $4 million. It is made from 18 carat white gold and covered with 513 carats of diamonds and blue sapphires. The set is only available in the ACCA art gallery in Beverly Hills.

If you want to own an expensive chess set, be careful. It might break or get dropped accidentally. Luckily, diamond chess sets don’t break easily, but you might want to make sure that you keep it safe.

The Charles Hollander Collection includes diamond chess sets that are made of 4,500 hours of work each.

The diamond-encrusted chess set has been designed by a French jeweler. A total of 320 carats of white and black diamonds were used in the creation of the deluxe set. The set will cost you more than $98,000 USD and take four months to complete.

Toilet paper

You have probably noticed the ridiculous price tag on toilet paper. Some companies sell rolls of toilet paper that are made of 24 karat gold.

The gold toilet paper is actually useless. Not only is it more expensive, but it also has a lot of defects, which means the gold pieces fall to the floor while you’re using it.

To make matters worse, many companies use confusing terminology to describe their toilet paper products.

One company says that one roll is equivalent to four. Others claim that their products are stronger or better than competitors. It’s difficult to judge which claim is true. It is also difficult to get a fair price point.

Luckily, there are some ways to save on toilet paper. You can buy single-ply rolls, store brands, or even bulk. When you find a good deal, you can purchase a few packs at a time.

But don’t forget that bulk purchases cost more. For a poor household, it’s not feasible to buy a large package at once.

Toilet paper isn’t the only thing that can clog your toilet. You can get toilet paper that is made of wood pulp or recycled paper.

There are even toilet papers that are made from used rolls. But the problem with these products is that they are prone to clogs. In addition, using thick toilet paper can lead to clogs.

One way to lower your carbon footprint is to buy more toilet paper. While it’s true that the carbon footprint of online orders tends to be larger, the company can plan their trips more efficiently and make more deliveries on the same day.

You can also make your order online and guarantee delivery by Tuesday.

The more toilet paper you buy, the lower your carbon footprint, as you’ll need to make fewer trips to a store and fewer trips to your home.

Pocket calendars

A good way to avoid paying for pocket calendars is to make your own. It is easy to make your own by using the pages of old calendars.

You can also use the pages of old calendars to make wrapping paper. The images and dates on the pages give your gift an elegant look. It is an easy and fun project for a rainy day.

Another way to make use of old calendars is to turn them into bookmarks. Simply cut out sections and glue them to cardstock.

You can laminate or cover them with Mod Podge for extra strength. This way, they can serve as handy bookmarks, or they can be used to mark your place in a favorite book.

Old pocket calendars are also great for making mini notebooks. Use the pages as covers, or turn them into the pages themselves.

You can tie a ribbon around the pages for a cute mini notebook. It’s great to have a notebook handy, and it’s a great way to make your old calendars more useful.